23 January 2013

Notes from our 23 January Meeting

Bob Mayer introduced the concept and purpose of the Champlain College AAUP to those in attendance. Jonathan Ferguson took notes.

Meeting Attendance: 6

We heard many suggestions about how the AAUP could become a fixed part of the Champlain College institution. Ideas included:

  • Regain representation of Faculty and AAUP with the Board of Trustees.
  • Meet regularly with College Leadership.
  • Provide visibility of the AAUP to Faculty in the Faculty Senate.
  • Prepare an annual advocacy statement.
  • Offer advocacy for Faculty causes, particularly Rank and the Adjunct situation.
  • Re-consider the matter of Tenure. Champlain has doubled the number of Full Time Faculty in recent years.
  • Provide a vehicle for Faculty grievances and compensation.
  • Advocate about Workload: teaching workload does not equate to Research, Writing, or Professional Advancement.
  • Advocate for the profession of Professor.
  • Clearly delineate Faculty Senate (Definitional: Professional communication and planning) from the CCAAUP (Advocacy)
  • Meet off campus for future meetings.
  • Meet twice a year for AAUP.
  • Recruit others! We’d love to have 20% of our total FT Faculty.
  • Think about how to communicate the goals of the CCAAUP to others.

Please note that the CC AAUP is not registered as a collective bargaining chapter. We are a professional organization aiming to assist and advocate for Faculty.

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