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Higher Education Funding

You might find these papers about the future of public higher education interesting. You can find them here, as noted in an email the national AAUP sent out today.

These issues may focus on public schools, but even at a private college like Champlain we have to be aware not only of the choices our students have, in terms of where they go to school, but also of our own mission and the role tuition plays in our ability to do our job. Many of our students are incurring massive debt as they study here, and many are doing so even while working more hours than they probably should.

Champlain College AAUP Chapter!

Welcome to the Champlain College American Association of University Professors Chapter! We’re just getting started, so please bear with us as we prep up content to share. This site will provide (but does not yet):

  • A place to discuss issues pertinent to Champlain College beyond the walls of the College.
  • A place to collect our thoughts, position statements, advice, and wisdom from our members.
  • A place to record our meetings and activities.